Swim Academy

Swim Academy

There is always plenty of friendly staff that is great with children and parents a like. The team always build trust and confidence, and ensures everyone has a great time as well as progressing effectively through lesson plans.


Timetables are maintained on the member management system with accurate information about ability groups and costs.

We have holiday courses that can be found on our website and social media.

The lesson layout and initial set up feel both welcoming and representative of our brand.

The equipment being used is child friendly, in good condition and relevant to the session being delivered / age of the children attending the session.

The Team

The Swim Academy plans are delivered at every session and the session matches the product programme.

Staff are appropriately qualified and hold DBS clearance.

Swim Academy staff introduces themselves to all children at the beginning of each session.

Swim Academy members of staff interact well with parents at parent’s evenings.

The session is adapted when required to ensure every child is engaged and having a great time.

The correct ratios are followed for the sessions.


Children attending Swim Academy classes wear appropriate clothing for the activity they are taking part in.

We always adhere to our product offering and execute it without variation, delivering expertise and excellent service.

We promote all the benefits to our members and ensure they are aware of any policies relating to bookings, cancellations etc.

A full term programme of Swim Academy activities is always on offer, it includes a good mix of lesson activities that relate to the swimming lesson stages

Term Progress reports & parents evenings support the scheme.

Used space

The area is secure, clean and tidy and in a good state of repair.

Walls and surfaces are suitable for the intended purpose, clear and free from visible ingrained staining, dirt or posters / wall art.

Equipment not in use is stored securely.

All equipment is in good condition and safe to use.